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Blade Runner - P.A / Researcher

Greenology will be providing world leading research and development dealing certain elements of the Renewables sector to provide full circle solutions to problems facing industries who cannot achieve green outcomes.

One of the projects ‘Blade Runner’ is working with Wilton Engineering, SES and Centrica to deal with the wind turbine blades which predominantly have been land filled at the end of life. With the blade life expectancy of 20 years coming to a head the need for a method to safely and sustainably recycle the extremely cumbersome and previously problematic items are being put into practice. 


Greenology will be leading the research and development of several large projects and feel it would be necessary to have a Personal and Research Assistant to our Director who will need more time to gain momentum and deliver the project with the correct information gathering, organisation and communications to several parties.


Required skills

We are looking for a focused and detail-oriented Research Assistant to aid our research project by preparing interviews, summarizing results and communicating with all who are involved in the research project.

To be successful as a Greenology Research Assistant you must be able to multi-task, be good with pressure, problem solving and be passionate about our future.

You'll need to show:

  • Prepare interview questions and summarise results

  • Perform literature reviews

  • Conduct research and summarise findings

  • Respond to emails relating to research

  • Attend project meetings

  • Update website content

  • Prepare progress reports

  • Check the work progress of people involved in the project

Green ResponsibiliTEES - Web App Developer


The Covid 19 situation has just shown how the recycling and waste sector is not only vital to survival playing a large part in frontline services, with probably the least recognition. It has also highlighted the absolute need for dedication to local supply chains. It has brought light to questions of ethics about traceability of the plastic journey and the responsibility of LAs. Are your recycled plastics being dealt with in a sustainable fashion or are they being incinerated or sent to landfill?

Can you imagine being able to track your recycled goods, arrange collections on demand and know that your plastics are going to an economic and social benefit?

How about pay back schemes to local schools and social groups for their efficiency - so they can flourish, be educated and actually make products and learn vital skills whilst also raising funds from their own community collections.

We have worked closely with Social enterprises in both Africa and India where they see waste as a commodity and educate the future generations by payment of plastic. This has multiple benefits as plastic can be a very valuable commodity for recycling and has a huge calorific value in energy production.


Greenology would like a student to be able to work closely with our Director to deliver a project that we feel has huge social benefits and can be piloted throughout the Tees Valley school network as not only an enterprise but also an education and awareness tool.


Required skills


As an app developer you'll translate software requirements into workable programming code and maintain and develop programs for use in business.

You'll usually work within a specific development field, such as mobile phone applications, office suites or graphics software, and will have in-depth knowledge of at least one computer language.

You'll need to show:

  • high-level programming and related technical skills

  • ingenuity and creativity

  • a logical approach to problem solving

  • analytical capabilities

  • the ability to work well under pressure

  • experience of development methodologies, such as the Waterfall model and Agile

  • attention to detail

  • tenacity and patience

  • communication skills, including the ability to convey information to non-technical colleagues concisely

  • an understanding of business processes and constraints

  • knowledge of Social media and Web design is mandatory

Send your C.V and a fantastic covering letter that helps us know all about you!

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