World leading de-polymerisation plant, processing upto 26,000 tonnes of end of life single stream tyres (ELT’s) into valuable bi-products


Proven technology designed specifically for ELT’s


  • 4.0m litres a year of marine grade oil

  • 2500 tonnes a year of carbon char

  • 15,000 tonnes of clean rubber crumb 




Proven technology with 10 years running data capable of taking tyres to oil in one seamless cycle.

Future proofing the Business Model


We are working with various large industry operators to produce a full circle 

solution to their ELT’s and other products to create oil and energy that they 

can then reuse in their process. This will allow the roll out a bespoke variant  

to other industry sectors. 


Long term vision

Greenology are currently working to be the first company to deal with 

other non recyclables using this model including being the first in the world to deal with wind turbine blades that are 

currently unrecyclable and sent to landfill.


Why are Greenology different?


Greenology take problems and create innovative solutions.