Blade Runner

The first generation wind farms are coming to the end of their 20 year life span and are being de-commissioned. The main structures are recylable but the blades are not. There are currently 341,000 wind turbines on the planet equating to over 1 million blades that will need to be to be recycled. 

An average blade has a wing span of a Boeing 747 and weighs in excess of 12.5 tonnes. Greenology, with their experience in pyrolysis aim to be the first company to provide a sustainable solution, rather than landfilling. 

Proven world leading de-polymerisation technology adapted from our current end of life tyre processing could take in 30,000 tonnes per annum (2000 blades) of end of life Wind turbine blades (ELWTB’s) and turn them into valuable bi-products. Pyrolysis provides the perfect solution to the carbon fibre and glass fibre reinforced composite (using a process of decomposition of organic molecules to smaller ones in an inert atmosphere with processing temperatures of between 300 and 700 degrees C.). 

It can take the shredded blade material to a high grade oil in one process. The blades would be brought onshore at a purpose built dockside location at Teessport and reduced to 10-15m lengths, and then reduced again to 1 metre lengths and then shredded down to 10mm parts before being pyrolysized. The oil produced would then be re-used in the wind farm supply chains. From blade to boat.